Faces and feelings

It’s about a year ago that we got serious about covid-19 and went in lockdown for the first time. A life changing event. Spending time with the family, organising home office, home schooling.

Emergency meeting, organising Home office. March 16 – 2020

Stockpiling food and toilet-paper, just in any case.. The first weeks were actually really nice, the whole family energised, to make the best out the situation. But after a few weeks the irritations took over, school was more or less abandoned.

The girls got back well and adapted. They are ready for the future, work, learn, from any place at any time. The boy basically missed a school year. But we are back on track, it will take time but we will get there. Never give up. I asked him if he wants to become a top-gamer. He confirmed and we agreed that he needs to be perfect in mathematics and English. I promised him to supply him with anything he needs to become a top-gamer as long as he does his homework. We have a deal. 

Faces and Feelings
We have a deal

Two weeks ago restaurants, bars and sports opened. Swiftly leading us to the third wave and the next lockdown. Decisions to be announced later this week. The good thing is that winter hit us again. So not too bad to be locked up for a couple of weeks. Hopefully we have spring when we wake up from the coming winter sleep. 

It is also about a year ago that I started this blog/website. Sharing my murmurings and photos. I upgraded from Sony a6000 to Sony a6400 to celebrate the anniversaries. Technically you shouldn’t see much difference in photo quality. But I am a happy man 🙂

The circle of Life

Streets of Sofia

Getting vaccinated

A Sunday afternoon in Pazardzhik

Vitosha Mountains

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