Little Happiness goes a long way

Faces and Feelings

We are at home again. By now we know the drill, business goes and flows as usual. There are many things one could do for distraction. One of these things is seeding. A little effort, little cost. But it gives happiness and it goes a long way. A few weeks ago I seeded some 12 different herbs. Not much can compare to the joy of seeing the first green tip coming out of ground. And then another, and then a whole bunch.

There is more to it, when the herbs start flowering it gives food to bees and insect on the balcony and in the garden. At different stages you can harvest and use you own herbs; fresh, dried or as seeds for cooking or for your own tea melange. You can give little pots with herb plants to family and friends. Or as dried herbs.

For me taking photo’s of the plants and flowers and the insect visiting is another addition to this little happiness. With a little luck this will give me a little happiness throughout the summer.

Faces and feelings
Savory (Chubritsa)

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