Lockdown Continued

We are in the year 2021, the second (semi) lockdowns continues. Malls are closed, sport facilities closed. Kids are on distance learning. Working from is more a standard than an exception. The world, mankind, is under siege, a year past since the corona virus, covid-19 was recognised. Tens of millions are infected, many seriously ill. Hundreds of thousands have died. At thirst we thought it would pass by, it wouldn’t affect us. But the reality is different.

Science fiction movies I watched as a child, or even until recently became scarily close. I realise that we live in the future we smirked about as kids. My life is controlled by social media, and media in general. My purchasing behaviour is carefully planned by the supercomputers behind these media. My health life depends on apps and a smartwatch, just one step away from a chip implanted which you can’t take off. Little by little we are pushed actively to situation where we stay at home, buy what they want, work and learn what they decide. And even die as they planned.

Now it is a virus, in the future (again) it will most likely be climate change which keeps us home. Extreme weather, high radiation levels. The power of Facebook and the like will grow. Supercomputers and artificial intelligence will run or rule most part of our existence.

So far, as a family, we have been very fortunate. We still have our jobs, nobody got ill. We have haven’t lost close ones. And we can go out and walk in the forests and mountains. And take photo’s 🙂 

Around Dragalevtsi

Sapareva Banya


Plana Mountains – Manastirishte

Misty Mountains

Vitosha Mountains

Sofia City

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