Kerkini Lake in Winter: A Photographer’s Birdwatching Adventure

Kerkini Greece

As a photographer always searching for interesting subjects and landscapes, my trip to Greece in February 2023 with a group of fellow photographer friends included a special stop at Kerkini Lake. Located in the country’s northern region, this Ramsar-protected wetland, a wetland of international importance, is renowned for its birdlife. Winter is the best time to see the birds, and we were excited to find out if Kerkini would live up to its fame. It did not disappoint.

Faces and Feelings

When we arrived at the lake, we were amazed by the sheer number of birds. Flocks of majestic pelicans, the largest pelicans in Europe, glided across the water. Their huge wings and yellow and red beaks made them easy to spot. Seeing so many of these impressive birds together was truly amazing.

Pelican Kerkini

Near the village of Kerkini, we embarked on a boat trip focused on these majestic birds. The captain, knowledgeable about the local ecosystem, threw small fish into the water, attracting the pelicans for closer observation. This close encounter allowed us to capture incredible photos of the pelicans in their natural habitat.

Boat trip Kerkini

We also drove around the lake by car, stopping for photos along the way. In a single day, you can easily drive around the lake and find many great spots for photography. We also saw an incredible variety of other birds. Flamingos, with their pink feathers, waded in the shallow water, standing out against the winter landscape. Great cormorants, with their wings spread out, perched on branches sticking out of the water.

Lake Kerkini Greece

Even though we are not serious birdwatchers, we were fascinated by the many different birds. I learned that Kerkini is home to over 300 bird species, including rare and endangered ones like the white-tailed eagle and the Dalmatian pelican, underscoring the importance of conservation efforts in this unique ecosystem

Kerkini Greece

As photographers, we were thrilled. The birds gave us endless chances to take beautiful pictures. The light on their feathers, the curves of their flight, and the patterns of their plumage were all wonderful to capture with our cameras.

Flamingos Kerkini

Kerkini’s landscape is also beautiful. The lake is surrounded by forests, marshes, and hills, creating a lovely backdrop. We spent a memorable weekend exploring both the water and the land around the lake. In the evenings, we enjoyed the nearby village, where cozy tavernas served warm, traditional Greek food. The fresh fish dishes from the lake were especially delicious. With plenty of accommodation options, extending your stay at Kerkini is easy.

Landscape Kerkini

For birdwatchers, here is a quick summary of what you can see at Kerkini Lake in winter:

  • Pelicans: Dalmatian pelicans, often seen in large groups.
  • Flamingos: Greater flamingos, with striking pink feathers.
  • Cormorants: Great cormorants and the smaller pygmy cormorants.
  • Raptors: White-tailed eagles, buzzards, and other birds of prey.
  • Waterfowl: Various ducks, geese, and other water birds.

If you’re a nature lover, photographer, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, I highly recommend visiting Kerkini Lake. Its natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and warm hospitality are sure to leave a lasting impression.

For more information on planning your own Kerkini adventure, feel free to get in touch with me.


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