Sofia Streets: A Photographic Journey

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Sofia isn’t just Bulgaria’s capital – it’s a city that buzzes with life and history. I love exploring its streets with my camera, capturing the everyday moments and hidden corners that give Sofia its unique charm.

This gallery is a showcase of my ongoing exploration. Here, you’ll find photos of bustling squares, quiet back alleys, and the people who make Sofia special. Feel free to browse and keep coming back – I’ll be adding new finds from my Sofia adventures as I continue to discover this amazing city.

Boulevard Vitosha June 2024

When I first arrived in Bulgaria, Vitosha Boulevard’s central section bustled with trams and traffic jams. For years now, it has transformed into a pedestrian haven spanning roughly 700 meters. Restaurants spill onto terraces, street musicians serenade passersby, and even the occasional clochard adds to the vibrant tapestry—a place where there’s always something happening, always something new to see.

Boulevard Vitosha in black and white images.

Showcasing Sofia’s Creative Spirit: PhotoBuzz

This month, Sofia’s streets buzzed with creativity! I was excited to be part of the first outdoor edition of PhotoBuzz, a cool event where Bulgarian photographers showcase their work, organised by Photoworld Bulgaria.

Over 10 photographers gathered in the square by the Regional Historical Museum Sofia, offering a mix of styles from landscapes to portraits. It was a great chance to discover new talent and see the artistic side of Sofia.

This gallery features some of my photos from PhotoBuzz. Take a look and get a feel for the exciting atmosphere of this event celebrating Bulgarian photography! Keep checking back for more captures from my Sofia adventures.

Sofia Streets

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